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Rock Your New Durable & Dependable A1 Shaker!

Rock Your New Durable & Dependable A1 Shaker!


Shake things up with A1supplements Shaker Bottle! The A1supplements Shaker Bottle provides a unique bottle solution with a patented ThunderBall for mixing protein shakes, Preworkout drinks, and remixing juices or smoothies.

-The Bottle is Polypropylene(PP) Recycle code 5

-The Mixer, Cap, lever are all HDPE recycle code 2

-The patented ThunderBall ensures maximum agitation to provide the ultimate protein drinking experience.

-The Facet is marked 25 oz / 700 ML

Say 'goodbye' to lumpy protein shakes and 'hello' to smooth, great-tasting drinks.


With its simple, ergonomic design, the A1Supplements shaker bottle holds up to 25 ounces of your favorite supplements and mixes ingredients thoroughly in seconds. Use the units on the sides of the cup to measure out perfect portions, and whether you’re sipping, chugging or mixing, its water-tight design ensures that you get every drop. And when you’re done, its three-piece body comes apart effortlessly for easy cleaning.

•Dishwasher safe on top rack
•Hand rinse for maximum longevity
•BPA & DEHP Free


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  1. Quality
    Great shaker bottle definitely worth the purchase.
    The shaker bottle is made out of good construction good color layout 25 oz of liquid capability and does not leak and cleans very well. And the Shaker ball inside helps mix your shake or any other ingredients together.. A+
  2. Quality
    Leaks a little
    I tighten the lid as much as I can and when I start to shake it, it leaks a little. Not a huge fan of these, however, for the most part it works.
  3. Quality
    Best Shaker I've owned
    Had for a month now and yet to find anything that doesn't mix in this.
    Seals great too, cross threading the lid seems hard to do which is nice when you miss the cup by just a little and powder gets on the threads. Keeps from messing the lid up.
  4. Quality
    Best Shaker bottle ever owned
    This shaker bottle is one of a bunch of brands and types out there, but this one is so much better, because the shaker actually works and mixes everything 100% so there is no more choking down chunks of powder
  5. Quality
    Great blend
    The mixer ball works great, cup doesn’t spill/leak, and top does crack. Best cup so far
  6. Quality
    Pretty good bottle
    I've had two of these bottles, and the kids have cracked both of them. They still work well, but it is kind of annoying. For the price it is still a good buy.
  7. Quality
    Awesome deal on a great shaker
    Good shaker, very durable and doesn’t leak. I like these more than the ones I paid $10+ for. Great product I will purchase again
  8. Quality
    Great shaker bottles - great 2for1
    Awesome bottles - built well and durable dont leak - great 2for1 deal !!!!
  9. Quality
    It's a cup
    Overall a great shaker.
    I prefer the plastic breaker ball over your typical metal twangy ones.
    Lids is secure and the spout pops.
    The material is a little thinner than your typical blender ball cup but it's a good bang for your buck
  10. Quality
    Great Shaker
    I will buy again!

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